Landscaping Supplies in Byron bay and surrounds


Leisurescapes Garden & Design Centre in Byron Bay are leaders in landscaping and garden supplies.
We deliver to all Northern Rivers and Northern NSW areas, including Lismore, Ballina and Tweed Heads.

Our landscaping supply centre at Byron Bay stocks the following:


  • Landscape soil
  • Premium soil
  • Chicken manure compost
  • Aggregate 10mm & 20mm (Blue Metal)
  • Blue metal dust
  • Road Base
  • Concrete blend 10mm
  • Brick sand
  • Concrete sand
  • White sand
  • Fill sand
  • Yellow metal dust
  • Cypress chip
  • Tea tree mulch
  • Pine bark
  • Hardwood chip
  • Cobble 20mm aggregate
    • Cobble 10m Aggregate
    • River pebbles 25mm, 25 - 100mm
    • Ebony black 20 - 50mm
    • Tumbled sandstone 20 - 50mm
    • Tumbled limestone 20 - 50mm
    • Decretive pebble 20mm


    • GP cement
    • Hydrated lime
    • Off-white cement
    • Plasterers lime
    • Pre-mix cement
    • Rapid set cement


    • Hardwood sleepers
    • Pine Rebated frame
    • Railway sleepers
    • Treated pine pegs
    • Treated pine sleepers


    • Linkedge aluminium
    • Pine edgeboards
    • Plastic edging
    • Whippiboard pine
    • Steel garden edging
    • Formboss


    • Ag pipe
    • Alung alung grass bali hut thatching
    • Bagged decorative pebble
    • Bamboo poles & stakes
    • Bagged pebble 10 & 20kg
    • Basket fibre
    • Bird net
    • Builders plastic
    • Geotextile filter fabric
    • Gloves
    • Paver sealers & cleaners
    • pH kits
    • Shovels
    • Weed & mulch mat
    • Worm farms


    • Ag lime
    • Azalea / Camellia / Gardenia mix
    • Bonsai mix
    • Cacti & Succulent mix
    • Carnivorous Plant mix
    • Coir fibre
    • Dolomite
    • Garden soil
    • Weed 'n' feed
    • Gypsum
    • Herb & vegetable mix
    • Lawn seed
    • Native mix
    • Active 8 compost
    • 5-in-1 plant food
    • Cow manure
    • Poultry pellets
    • Orchid mix
    • Peat moss
    • Perlite
    • Premium potting mix
    • Propagating mix
    • Rose & Citrus mix
    • Seed raising mix
    • Select organic seeds
    • Soil improver
    • Sphagnum moss
    • Sugar cane mulch
    • Sulphate of potash
    • Trace & corrective elements
    • Vermiculite
    • Water crystals



    • Healthy earth (garden & lawn)
    • Acticote
    • Blood & bone
    • Fish & kelp liquid
    • Flourish
    • Gogo juice
    • Lawn booster
    • Nitrosol liquid fertiliser
    • Robust Plus
    • Seamungus
    • Seaweed Nutrient
    • Strikeback for Orchids


    Bamboo Screens
    • Cebu
    • Jati
    • Kokomo
    • Sanctum screens (aluminium/cortan/custom-made)
    • Smoked jati
    • Smoked piccolo reed
    • Custom-made to order


    • GRC lightweight
    • Imported stone
    • Reconstituted concrete
    • Pond clear products
    • Pond liner
    • Pumps
    • Plastic ponds


    • Confidor
    • Eco-aminogrow
    • Eco-cweed
    • Eco-demo
    • Eco-fungicide
    • Eco-naturalure
    • Eco-neem
    • Eco-oil
    • White Oil
    • Eco-Rose
    • Fungus Fighter
    • Glyphosphate
    • Lawn Chemicals
    • Natrasoap
    • Pyrethrum


      Mulching means your garden will use less water, weeds are suppressed, and worms thrive on it. You save money and your plants will love you.:
      Mulch can prevent up to 70% evaporation from the soil, all the while releasing nutrients as it breaks down.
      Leisurescapes is the biggest landscapes supplies centre on the North Coast.
      Cypress—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW
      Cypress Mulch - long-lasting and retains moisture as well as its colour for longer. Cost effective product for any garden application. Naturally fragrant smelling and termite resistant. Suppresses weed growth, improves soil structure and worm activity.
      Apply evenly 75mm-100mm thick. Every 3 months, turn with garden fork for best water penetration and to refresh colour.
      Tea-tree Mulch - is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, which break down fairly quickly to feed plants. Good moisture retention. It doesn't contain weeds, seeds or chemicals and won't overheat surrounding plants.
      Normally lasts up to 12 months. 75mm-100mm coverage is recommended.
      Pine Bark—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW
      Pine Bark - is available in 25mm chips. Extremely long lasting, very low in maintenance and easy to handle. 75mm-100mm recommended coverage.
      Hardwood chips - approx. 25mm in size. Great value-for-money ground cover for weed control and moisture retention. Widely used in larger, rustic styled gardens. 75mm-100mm recommended coverage.

      Hardwood—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW
      Sugar Cane—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW
      Sugar Cane Mulch is organic, multi-purpose and great value for any mulching need. Breaks down quickly, releasing nitrogen. No weeds or seeds. Widely used in vegetable gardens. Great for all gardens and potted plants. Each compressed bale covers about 7m.


      Cobble 20mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Cobble 20mm

      Cobble 10mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Cobble 10mm

      River Pebble 25mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      River pebble 25mm

      Riverstone 100mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      River Pebble 25 - 100mm

      Tumbled Sandstone—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Tumbled sandstone

      Tumbled Limestone 20-50mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Tumbled limestone 20 - 50mm

      Variety Bagged Pebbles—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Variety bagged pebbles

      Decorative Pebble 10mm—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Decorative Pebble 10mm

      Ebony Black—Supplies in Byron Bay, NSW

      Ebony Black 20mm